Boom Trucks

Using powerful booms you can trust for lifting your most important loads

23 Ton Boom Truck

Main Boom: 92′

Jib: 26′-44′

Boom Total: 136′

28 Ton Boom Truck

Main Boom: 92′

Jib: n/a

Boom Total: 92′

30 Ton Boom Truck

Main Boom: 100′

Jib: 31′-55′

Boom Total: 154′

33 Ton Boom Truck

Main Boom: 127′

Jib: n/a

Boom Total: 127′

45 Ton Boom Truck

Main Boom: 127′

Jib: 31′-55′

Boom Total: 182′

A Truck For Any Job

Active Crane boom trucks are powered by leading manufacturers and are ideal rentals because of theirĀ relatively easy mobility within a job site.

The truck bed on a boom truck is multifunctional for onsite or offsite transportation of job supplies and materials, saving you time and additional costs.

Some of our boom trucks are available with an attached man basket that allows for construction personnel to remain stationary while suspended in the air. These particular boom trucks are utilized for various types of jobs, including sign installation and removal, cell phone tower maintenance, masonry and brick pointing, and glazier work. When you need trucking in DE, MD, PA and New Jersey our boom trucks will do the job.

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