The safety of our customers and employees is the top priority

50+ Years of Safe & Unmatchable Service

For over 4 generations, the safety of our customers and employees remains our family’s top priority!

We are a multi-year recipient of the Governor’s Safety Award, co-sponsored by the Delaware Department of Labor and Delaware Contractors Association, and entering our 30th year of safety excellence under the Delaware Department of Insurance Workplace Safety Program.

We are proudly celebrating over 50 years of safe and unmatchable service to our business and community partners, which remains the foundation of our company’s success.

Active Crane practices Safety and Service by choice, not by chance! 

Safety Award Winner

Recognized for safety excellence by state & professional organizations.

We Subscribe to These Safety Principles:


Prevent Accidents

All accidents are preventable through the implementation of effective Safety and Health Control policies and programs.


Safety Must Be a Constant

Safety and Health controls are a major part of our work every day.


Health and Saftey Trainings are Required

We require our staff to complete continuing education, mandatory trainings, and ongoing trainings through Local 542.


Safety is in Everyone's Best Interests

Accident prevention is good business. It minimizes human suffering, promotes better working conditions for everyone, and holds Active Crane Rentals, Inc. in higher regard with customers and increases productivity.


Provide a Safe Work Environment

Management is responsible for providing the safest possible workplace for employees. Consequently, Active Crane is committed to allocating and providing all of the resources needed to promote and implement this safety policy.


Everyone Must Be Held Accountable

Employees are responsible for following safe work practices and company rules, and for preventing accidents and injuries. Management will establish lines of communication to solicit and receive comments and information from employees where safety and health are concerned.


Communication is Key

Employees are responsible for communicating that they are capable of performing all duty/functions associated within their job description/scope of work.


Set a Good Example

Management and supervisors of Active Crane will set an exemplary example with good attitudes and a strong commitment to safety and health in the workplace.

Toward this end, management must monitor company safety and health performance, and work environment and conditions.


Health and Safety is Always Top Priority

Our safety program applies to all employees and persons affected or associated in any way by the scope of this business.  Everyone’s goal must be to constantly improve safety awareness and to prevent accidents and injuries.

Ensuring Safety Through Training & Accountability Partners

We know that people drive our business.  As our most critical resource, employees will be safeguarded through training, provision of appropriate work surroundings, and procedures that foster the protection of health and safety.  

No duty, no matter what its perceived result, will be deemed more important than employee health and safety.

Third-Party Inspectors Issue Our Crane Certifications

Atlantic Crane inspects all of our cranes to ensure they are DOT and OSHA certified yearly. 

3D Lift Plans Keep Things Organized and Safe

Complex jobs require precision, expertise, and organization to ensure the safety of everyone involved. That is why we require a 3D Lift Plan to be approved.

The 3D Lift Plan helps to find exactly the right crane and can simulate the entire lift job. This helps identify issues before the crane is at the site which eliminates safety issues before they happen.

Sample 3D Lift Plan

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