Our Process

We find you the right crane and deliver it at the right time for your job

Crane Delivery Made Simple

1 Fill Us In On Your Job

Tell us about your job site, schedule, the equipment you need and ask questions about availability and pricing.

2 Preliminary Estimate Provided

Active Crane can provide a preliminary estimate based on the information provided by the customer in their initial phone call conversation.

3 On-Site Job Check

An on-site representative will then assess the job site and confirm what is needed and provide measurements.

4 Final Quote Provided

Once the site walkthrough has been completed, the salesperson will then draw up a quote/proposal. The proposal includes a detailed Scope of Work so that you feel comfortable that everything detailed on the site walkthrough was accurate.

5 3D Lift Plan

A 3D lift plan may need to be approved before crane work is to be completed. A 3D lift plan lays out all aspects of the lift including load charts, crane certifications, and rigging information.

6 Crane Delivered On Time

After these steps have been completed, we will deliver the equipment to the job site. We can also provide an operator if needed.

Our Fleet

Equipment to Support Jobs Big and Small

Active Crane owns and operates a fleet of heavy industrial transportation equipment. We have oversize load transport equipment including extendable trailers and an experienced team of certified drivers who understand the special handling oversize loads require.

3D Lift Plans

Job Site Safety Starts with Choosing the Right Crane

For complex jobs, we require a 3D Lift Plan to be approved.

The 3D Lift Plan helps find exactly the right crane for your job by mapping the weight of the objects, location of your job, and obstructions on the job site.

We simulate the entire lift job. Lift simulations are an important safety precaution to identify issues before the crane is at the site.

Every 3D Lift Plan includes:

  • an illustration and data worksheets for the lift
  • crane certification
  • crane load chart
  • operator certification
  • job hazard analysis
  • crane hand signals
  • supporting documents as required by the job

Please allow a moment for the 3-D Lift Plan to download after you click. Once in the program, kindly click the back arrow to return to our website.

Sample 3D Lift Plan

We’re Here to Help 

Before delivering a crane, we want to make sure we’re on the same page. Once you call us detailing the type of crane or boom-truck you are looking for, we can provide you with an estimate.

Don’t sweat it if you’re not totally sure what type of equipment you need. We can send someone to do an onsite walkthrough. This way, we can provide measurements and properly size the crane you will need for the job after which we can give you a final written estimate.

If needed, a 3D lift plan may be required to be approved before crane work is to be completed. Once everything is in order, your crane will be delivered!

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